Spiritual Help

Monetary support is extended to key indigenous Balkan Christian workers in our network of contacts throughout the Balkan Peninsula. Frequently, these contacts are our best means of fulfilling our other three purposes as well. American Outreach volunteers often team with local workers in ministering to both adults and children. The focus extends also to the distribution of Bibles in 16 languages and the Jesus videos 13. In addition, daily devotionals, Christian tracts and literature, Sunday School and Vacation Bible School resources are distributed throughout the year.

At times, especially during the summer, Outreach volunteers participate or take leadership roles in worship or other important worship functions. Normally, however, the primary purpose of The Macedonian Outreach is to undergird the native Christian workers in their ministry to their parishioners. This is accomplished by providing them with the wherewithal to reach their own people with the message of Christ’s saving grace.

Summer Camp in Southern Albania

A volunteer leading a Bible study class

The Summer Camp in Southern Albania each July is jointly sponsored by the Greek Evangelical Church and The Macedonian Outreach. For over twenty years, the women’s Bible study of Community Presbyterian Church of Danville provides food and other supplies for this teen outreach camp.

  • Two to six Outreach volunteers have participated each summer.
  • The Outreach provides half of the funds to prepare for church youth camp.
  • The Outreach may also supply food, medicine, clothing, eating supplies and Bibles for the camp attendees.
  • Every summer, several of our teen campers commit their life to Christ.

Bibles, Christian Literature and Supplies and Jesus Videos

Armenian Bibles just received in Sofia, Bulgaria

Bibles, Christian Literature and Supplies and Jesus Videos are Shipped or Personally Taken to the Balkans

  • The focus extends to the distribution of Bibles in 16 languages and the Jesus film in 13 languages.
  • Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, tracts and other Christian literature are distributed each year.