Contact Information

In the United States:

The Macedonian Outreach
P.O. Box 398
Danville, CA 94526-0398


Tel/Fax (925) 820-4107

Advisory Board

Vula P. Rushdoony

Retired Manager, International Corporation
(925) 820-4107

Elected Members

Terry L. Thompson

Board Chairman
Lawyer, Private Practice

Deanna R. Thompson

Chair, Boutique Committee
Retired Publisher, Monthly Publication

David Schack

Long Term Care Pharmacist

Gary Wallace

C.P.A., Retired

Robert A. Moynihan

Linda C. Applegate

Retired Human Resources Manager, Int'l Corp.

Glenn B. Hammill

C.P.A., Public Practice

Zeus Ebio

Enterprise Application Integration Consultant

Ira Hillyer

Banking Executive

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