I’m Roza…from Syria (Aleppo) A mother of two boys.. Amr (7) and Muraf (4). We fled Syria because of the violence, bombardment, and shelling.. We were trying to find a safe place to live in.. My husband is in Germany and I am trying my best to follow him and live like we used to in the past..a happy and loving family. We entered Turkey and traveled to Izmir which is a coastal city in Turkey.. Then arranged with one of smugglers transporting us from Turkey crossing the sea to Greece via a dinghy!! We arrived safely to an island named Chios.. There were around 70 to 80 people on that dinghy including Syrians and Afghans.. Because of the huge number… I was struggling to keep my boys alive because it was so sooo boys are small and couldn’t breathe because of the large number of people, so I had to lift them up in order to take a breath!!! It took us 4 hours to reach Greece.. I prayed and prayed the whole time for God to keep us alive, and at the same time, I never forgot to check on my boys and help them keep breathing and make sure they were alive. Then suddenly we saw a light..we were all confused…is it coming from a Turkish boat or a Greek one!? For me, I didn’t care…I thanked God we finally found someone to rescue us… At the end, it turned out that it was coming from a Greek policeship which was heading towards us in order to save us all and take us to their land.. I still remember when they told us: you are safe now..don’t worry.. Thank you God …thank you … I kept praying for hours.. We arrived in Athens two days later and then Edomini which was the second worst place I have ever lived in since I fled Syria… We tried to cross the borders for a week.. but all was in vain…. The Macedonian police prevented us.. I couldn’ believe that we had to stay outdoors in tents for a long time.. My boys were sick..cold..dirty… We stayed there for 3 weeks, I cried everyday throughout those 3 weeks praying for something to happen to leave that place…. It was windy and rainy all the time.. I remember that time when I woke up and saw the water all around us with all my boys’ clothes wet because of the rain… we didn’t have any other clothes… I tried to take some clothes from other families till we got suitable ones from the Red Cross or another NGO… One day, an angel named Dimitris appeared.. He was looking for me.. He works for AGAPE organization.. and who, once, gave me some bread for my children.. He told me…it would be a pleasure to have you and your boys in my house until you manage to leave and meet with your husband again… I was shocked and surprised!!! Didn’t know whether I could trust him or not.. But I always prayed for God to save us… I was sure that God heard all my prayers…. On that day I felt like I had a new family to love and take care of us… And now we are waiting for the family reunification procedures to finish… So I can meet my husband again and live as one happy family like we used to be in our country…


  1. July 31, 2016

    Wow, that is quite a story! God says he will provide for his own…God never fails to keep his promises! 🙂 I pray Roza and her boys are reunited soon with Roza’s husband!!

  2. July 31, 2016

    This woman was very, very brave and so lucky that the little boat could bring so many people to the waters off Greece. I do hope she and her children are doing well and are in good hands. Let us all help when we can…… husband and I will be in Bulgaria this August and will see the many immigrants there. We usually take food to the park near the Mosque which is close to the center of town.

    Our hope is that this terrible war will stop and all people can get along no matter their religion. Love to all of you, Kathy pardew

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