On the outskirts of Skopje, the capital of the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, there is a ghetto (SARAJ) of some very, very poor but beautiful people. Many years ago, we had a prayer meeting in one of the homes there and when we finished, the pastor came and poured his heart out to us. He said, “For very little money we can help these children go to school and also take care of them physically. Are you willing to help us?”. And we prayerfully did!

Now, all these years later we are so proud and so thankful to the Lord to have a whole family that dedicates their lives to the welfare of these children and their families. Sokrat and Elena Apostolovski with their daughter Christina dedicate their lives daily to make theirs better.

All the children are in school, food is provided and plenty of clothing is being shipped there from The Macedonian Outreach here in Danville. Women and even younger girls knit sweaters, caps and lap blankets. Others help buy school supplies at the beginning of each school year and yet others make and fill Christmas stockings for our kids. I am overwhelmed with the generosity of so many whose hearts break for those things that break the heart of God!

Thank you to all who made and are making a difference in the lives of others!

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This American teenager made all these lap blankets

  1. October 30, 2016

    These darling children look like they are feeling the love….thanks for sharing

  2. November 2, 2016

    Love it! 🙂

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