Every once in a while we receive a new story that we like to share with you. Over Thanksgiving we received one that warmed our hearts. We would like to give glory to God for Nevena and to tell all of you that support this Ministry with your prayers and finances how much we appreciate you. Please read it and praise God with us.


Dear Sponsor,

My name is Nevena and, after receiving a financial stipend from you every month over a number of years, for which I am eternally grateful, I am now a student at the Medical College of Plovdiv (Bulgaria) after completing my high school education in June this year. I was very excited to be accepted at my university of choice (something for which you have a contribution).

My mother is the only adult in my household and we rely on her one salary, which is relatively small, so we are always on the edge of making ends meet. So the stipend I will continue to receive via the Macedonian Outreach’s Haig Rushdoony Education Fund will be needed and appreciated. Thank you for all that you have done through the years until this point.

After graduating from university I would like to help the sick and suffering. But that is all in the distant future. Now my main task will be to acquire new knowledge and skills.

As I share my gratitude with you, I would also like to express that the funds you sent help me cover expenses in the area of textbooks and equipment, as well as food and clothing. The extension of your stipend for me is an immeasurable assistance to me and my family.

As the holidays are upon us, may all your wishes and hopes be transformed into life-creating joy! With hope for the future, overwhelming gratitude and great respect,


November 30, 2016

  1. February 9, 2017

    Vula, thank you for your vision of 25 years ago and thank you that you have allowed us to partner with you on the journey! What a blessing this young woman is. Paul and Barb

  2. February 13, 2017

    What a beautiful testimony to your commitment, Vula, and to Haig and to all who partner with you in this wonderful, significant work. Thank you for praising God through this message and ministry!

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