Hello everyone!

By the grace of God, Jim and Tory Rath and I arrived in Greece after a very pleasant and comfortable trip.  A very generous friend treated us to a first class flight.  A first time for me.  So great!  Thank you friend! The Raths very kindly traveled with me so I would not travel alone.

We found the Ministry Center in a great shape.  Our wonderful grounds keeper Benny, does a very good job keeping the place beautiful at all times.

After resting for a couple of days and doing a little sightseeing, on Thursday we visited the “CARE CENTER” in Thessaloniki.  Although Greece still has thousands and thousands of refugees, many of them are placed in rented homes, empty buildings, homes but still the majority in camps.  These camps now are under the care and supervision of the government.  The public and even organizations are not allowed in unless they apply for a special permission to bring in supplies and clothing.  This procedure takes up to 2-3 weeks.

The Evangelical churches here in Greece decided to do something different in order to serve the refugees.  The two local churches that The Macedonian Outreach works with to help the refugees, are very creative in helping the refugees in a more effective way.

The church in the town of Milotopos renovated some old homes and placed refugee families in them.  These homes are very close to the church.  The refugees are free to live like the locals.  The children go to school and the women mix with the women in town.  Some of them come to our church.  MO has been a partner in this project from the very beginning.

The second church we participate with is the church in Thessaloniki which, with other believers from other churches found the “CARE CENTER”.  They rented and renovated the second floor of a very big building and sent out flyers in English and Arabic languages, inviting the refugees to come and eat, choose clothing and register for English, German or Greek lessons.  They also give them the opportunity to wash and dry their clothes.  Some American Christians sent to the Center three Maytag  washers and dryers.  There are also medical services by Christian doctors who offer their services freely in the Center.

The refugees from the camps get passes and can come to the City and also to the “CARE CENTER”, if they choose, as often as they like.  Here is the beauty of the whole thing.  When we visited the camps, we were not allowed to share Christ with the people.  Now that they come to us, they are our guests and we are free to tell them about Christ and to show the Jesus film.

Both these methods of sharing Christ with the refugees are very creative.  Other Evangelical churches around the country are doing similar things.  If anyone of you wants to participate in this effort, please donate by visiting our website, www.macedonianoutreach.org or by sending your check directly to:

The Macedonian Outreach
P. O. Box 398
Danville, CA. 94526

With Love in Him Who Loved Us First,


  1. May 9, 2017

    Dear Vula, I am so sorry I missed telling you good-by so I was glad to get your blog. It brought tears to my eyes hearing how God is bringing the refugees to you. What the government meant for bad, God is using for good! I will be praying for your health, strength and success as you become God’s hands and feet this summer. In His love, Frances

  2. May 9, 2017

    Jim and I very much enjoyed our time with Vula. We noticed that when we went with her to the center in Thessaloniki as well as to Skopje, Macedonia….Vula is constantly looking for ways to help…..for MO to come alongside and make a difference in as many lives as possible. While at her home in Greece, we unpacked some bags from the USA from some folks who make clothes for Vula to give out……Duds for Dudes and something similar for girls….oh, so very cute!!!! Can’t imagine that the recipients won’t be thrilled with their new clothes. What a wonderful sewing ministry….

  3. May 10, 2017

    Dear Vula…….sorry I missed you and did not get to say good bye. I love this blog and we can hear of all the activities your involved in. Your local churches sound like they are very evangelical and doing great work. Hope you continue to have a wonderful trip. So glad you could fly first class too.
    Love and best wishes, Leslie

  4. May 10, 2017

    So wonderful to read the blog and know that you all have arrived safely and almost immediately set to ministry work. God bless you in all you do – I know that He will.

  5. May 15, 2017

    Dear Vula,
    Love the pictures, so fun to see all the happy faces, esp yours! What a blessing for you to feel so good again. Praising God for all He is providing through MO! May He continue to bless ” the work of your hand and heart”. Thank you for sharing with us thru the Blogs, helps us see answers to so many prayers. Love having your itenerary to follow along with you as you serve Him throughout the regions. With His Love, joan

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