Educational Help

An integral part of our ministry is education, secular and Christian. The hope of the future for the Balkan youngsters and young people is in education so that they may become a useful part of society. The Macedonian Outreach supports them in a Christian pre-school in the Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) and in several

Twenty of our pre-collegiate scholarship Romi students

primary and secondary schools in Bulgaria. Also, funds are sent through other reliable sources for school supplies for displaced Kosovo children and youth in Serbia and Armenian refugees in Bulgaria.

In higher education, we assist several women in Serbia at the university level for a nursing career. In Bulgaria, we now support five of our Romi (Gypsies) youth who graduated from secondary schools at the Bible University in Sofia. We also support several others elsewhere. In the United States, we support one woman from the Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) in a Christian university and another in a theological school.

Scholarships and/or Financial Assistance

Preschool children during creative arts time

Aid is given to pre-school children in Bulgaria and The Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), primary education through adult and higher education students in Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, The Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) and Serbia.

  • Funds are provided for school supplies, transportation, lunch and, in some cases, breakfast as well, in the poorer areas.
  • School facility rental and repair and teacher salaries are provided, in some cases.
  • It takes $30 per month or $360 a year for every pre-collegiate learner.

Scholarships for Outstanding Romi Children in Bulgaria from Primary through Secondary School

Teacher with her class

The Macedonian Outreach currently funds over 150 youngsters at $30 per child each month or $360 annually.

Each scholarship covers the cost of school books, supplies including paper and writing tools, at least one meal. and transportation to and from school [education is not free in the Balkans]