Medical Assistance

In this mission of mercy, The Macedonian Outreach works closely with other organizations and hospitals. For example, during the war conflict in Serbia, we helped send over 50 children to hospitals in the United States and Western Europe for successful heart surgery and treatment.

Providing medication, hospital equipment, and supplies and care for non-hospitalized patients within the Balkan countries are ongoing activities.

One of our former
Bosnian heart patients

Medical Assistance, Including Hospital Care, Surgery, Medical Equipment and Medicine, and the Transportation and Housing of Patients

This project involves every Balkan country. Medicine has been distributed to patients in each of the nations, with three of the countries receiving medical equipment.

For over fifteen years, we provided 14 babbas who supported 97 children with severe special needs. Although the Petrovo Orphanage was a very successful program due to the loving attention received by the babbas, the Bulgarian government closed the largest institutions. In their place, they built very nice, individual group homes which house approximately 15 children each. In 2016, Vula visited these group homes to ensure that all these children from the Petrovo Orphanage were well cared for. Because these homes are scattered throughout Bulgaria, The Macedonian Outreach chose to support two of these homes in Pasarjik, where a majority of our work takes place. So far, we provide food and other supplies, as well as a hired babba and a grandfather who take care of the daily needs of the children. They offer outings, massage, daily interaction, and individualized attention to the children.